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Vision of The Syrian Labor Market

We in THEQA seek to provide a package of integrated services, jointly with major companies and most competence and active businessmen in various sectors, to the benefit of establishing a distinguished working structure that consist of most important investment service providers and attracts venture capitalists and investors into the Syrian labor market. THEQA establishes a marketing coverage that allows her clients to accomplish greatest benefits through a wide network of relationships granted for them. In THEQA… our banner is professionalism in providing marketing presentations and solutions. 
targets with its services all companies and venture capitalists requiring distinction inside the Syrian market by providing them with marketing platform and wide participatory. The services of THEQA is summarized with a deliberated group of professional services within four categories:

Business Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Media Solutions

IT Solutions

Our work methodology… Mutual trust

THEQA principle is based on cooperation and exchanging services, hence we worked on establishing bridges of trust with a group of professional service providers in the Syrian market on the basis of trust and fruitful cooperation with professional services providers in Syrian market, allowing them to form according to their work sector a platform in which we present variety of services for all business sectors, aiming to reduce efforts and guarantee the best services and solutions

THEQA's Cooperating Platforms

We in THEQA work on the diversification of available collaborating platforms within our marketing coverage to include all services feasibly needed in the world of business.  Our platforms are presented by group of companies collaborating with THEQA.
Here's a small indication about them:

The possibilities are endless...



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